BikeDid you know that the community of Shaganappi is great for cyclists? We have marked bike lanes on 14th Avenue and we are linked to the river bike path system by the pathway that runs along Bow Trail and over the big red pedestrian overpass.

Whether you are commuting to work through sun or rain or snow, or just out with the family for a leisurely ride on the weekend, the Shaganappi Community Association wants to remind you of a couple things that will help make Shaganappi even better for getting around and will ensure that the natural areas remain healthy and sustainable for everyone’s enjoyment.

Please use the bike lanes and pathways rather than the park and natural gully areas when cycling. Not only does riding through the park and gully cause erosion and degradation of the natural areas, it’s just not safe to be riding through the park where there may be children playing, people walking or dogs running.

Did you also know that it’s not legal to cut through the park on your bike? That’s right. The City of Calgary Parks and Pathways Bylaw makes it an offence to use or ride a bicycle in a park except on a pathway, trail or park roadway.  There are no designated pathways, trails or park roadways through the Shaganappi Park or the natural gully area, so you’ll need to go around the park, rather than through it, when on your bike.

So please, get out in the community on your bike and use the dedicated bike lanes and enjoy the pathways system. But please stay out of the park and the natural gully on your bike so everyone can enjoy the natural areas for years to come.

Read the Parks and Pathways Bylaw click here or download a map of bike paths in Calgary.


Cycling in Shaganappi