Our well-loved gully is a great place to play, go for a stroll or walk the dog. But it’s in need of restoration, if we are to preserve it for future generations.

Non-native plants have taken over and, combined with foot and dog traffic and rainfall, the soil is eroding.

Shaganappi Community Association has teamed up with conservation group Trout Unlimited Canada and the Calgary Parks department to restore the gully with funds from the Community Spaces Grant program.

Live wattle fences, live staking and brush layers are some of the techniques suggested to preserve the riverbank. There are also plans for some educational signage to be put up, explaining more about this unique green space in the middle of the city!

The project is starting in Spring 2016 and we’ll need your help to complete it. We’ll be holding a number of “volunteer days” where we’ll be asking for people to roll up their sleeves and help dig, plant and prune…

If you’d like to get involved, let us know!


Help save our gully!

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