WestbrookThe Westbrook Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) was approved by council in June 2009, and provides a detailed policy framework for implementation of high-density transit oriented development within an approximate 53 acre area bounded by 32nd Street to the east, 39th Street to the west, Bow Trail and 17th Avenue. The plan is intended to be implemented over the next 20 – 30 years, depending on the market absorption rate. This development will replace the current automobile oriented shopping centres and former Ernest Manning school site over the next 30 years.

If you are a resident within the Westbrook Village ARP area, that is, on the west side of 32nd Street and the east side of 33rd Street, you are zoned M-C2, which is medium density multi-residential, with varied building height and front setback areas that are intended to reflect the context of your houses. Once again, this allows for a 16 metre height limit along 33rd, with a lower 14 metre limit along the west side of 32nd Street. The east side of 32nd Street reverts to R-C2 zoning with a 10 metre limit.

In response to a request by Matco Investments Ltd., the purchaser of approximately 13 acres of land at the former Ernest Manning school site adjacent to 17th Avenue and 33rd Street, certain amendments to setbacks and the road configuration were considered and approved by council in the same November council meeting. The ARP allows for up to 2.3 million square feet of commercial, retail and residential use at the Matco site.

Westbrook Village redevelopment