12 AveThe passage of the Shaganappi Point Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) in November 2014 will allow rezoning to either M-CG or M-C2 with a 16 metre height limit, from the previous R-2, which restricted development to infills and duplexes to a 10 metre limit along the entire 12thAvenue corridor on the South side of Bow Trail. These are medium density multi-residential designations, with varied building height and front setback areas that are intended to reflect the context of existing houses.

If you live north of 14th Avenue and west of 24thStreet to 31st Street, this will impact you.  If your block runs north/south, the impact will be on approximately 1/5 of the north end of your block (roughly 35 meters, or the depth of one lot). If you reside on 13th Avenue, the entire north side of your street can be rezoned to these designations, but to a lower height limit of 12 metres, as compared to the previous 10 metre limit. Heights on 25A north of 14th Avenue are also limited to the lower 12 metre limit at the north 1/5 of the block, with 10 metre heights being retained for the balance of the block.

If you reside on 26 Street north of Bow Trail, or south of Bow Trail for approximately 1/5 of the north end of the block, the ARP provides for multi-residential to the full 16 metre height and to 12 metres for the balance of the block to 14th Avenue.

The Shaganappi Point ARP was initiated in response to a community request for a context to deal with development pressures on 12thAvenue in 2012. A consultant’s report was initiated by city planners for the perimeter along Bow Trail and this report was subsequently combined with the Jacques application to create the broader ARP.  The ARP was circulated to the community and discussed at broadly advertised town halls and open houses. Shaganappi community board members spoke in favour of the plan at the November council meeting.

Despite refusal by the Calgary Planning Commission, the Shaganappi Point ARP proceeded to Council for approval twice, in September and again in November.  At the November meeting, there was a very animated debate between density advocates and more pragmatic forces on council. The pragmatists carried the day, and Shaganappi has a workable medium density development context for the community. It may not be perfect, but in light of very strong idealistic view of a popular mayor, and the dissenting views of the Ward 9 Councillor on CPC, this was a very good outcome.

Shaganappi Area Redevelopment Plan